17 Jul

S.O.C.: Save Our Cell Phones!

By: Kasi Detmer, Account Associate

Summer is here and that means the death of many smartphones, iPads, and other electronics due to drowning at the local pool. Fear not, and enjoy reading that ebook while floating on your raft; there are many options to choose from to protect your electronics.

You don’t have to buy a $200 case anymore. Waterproofing options are getting cheaper or becoming more standard. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy are actually focusing much of their advertising on factory-installed water resistant capabilities. The ads show their phones being splashed at the pool, dropped into sinks of water, or having water spilled on them at dinner, demonstrating that phone-death-by-drowning is a common problem amongst the public.

Otterbox remains the leader in smartphone protection. From shattering to water damage this is a case that you can leave on for 24/7 protection. The downside? It’s going to cost you, with cases still running close to $100 a piece. Also, the cases remain bulky and heavy, but hey you’ll always be able to find it in your purse.

If you just need occasional protection for a boating or rafting trip, Smartskin condoms for smartphones offer an affordable option. These skins maintain full touchscreen capabilities and 98 percent camera clarity, and they are affordable. You can purchase a pack of three, and each condom can be used up to three times for only $18.49. These aren’t just for your phone, an iPad size can also be purchased.

There are plenty of options out there for waterproofing your iPad. The Pyle Waterproof tablet case is nice because it will work for almost any tablet including iPads and a variety of eReaders, and will only cost you $31.

Want to rock out while you’re swimming laps? The 4GB Walkman Sports MP3 Player can go as deep as six feet and still play your favorite tunes. It also allows users to easily drag and drop music from any service into playlists, whether from iTunes or even Windows Explorer.

Purchase one of these and rest assured that your tech gadgets will be safe this summer no matter what your needs.


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