12 Jan

Refresh, Re-Evaluate and Re-NEW YEAR

By Victoria Knepp, Account Executive

The title pun sounded better in my head – I (like you) am still recovering from the hustle and bustle and much-needed break(ish) of the holidays.

Just like the diet we’ll start (and quit), the bad habit we’ll try to kick, and the unrealistic, albeit exciting list of goals we’ll set for ourselves this month, you can also dive into refreshing your social strategy. Staring down the winding, weeded social strategy path can feel daunting. You’ll most likely find yourself asking, “I mean, where do I, really even start?” (If you’ve watched enough TikToks or Instagram Reels, I hope you sang that in your best Drake voice.) You already have everything you need, so start with these questions instead.

What worked?
Every business has an audience, so the things that are successful for other brands may not be as successful for yours. The best way to determine what went well enough to replicate is to get into the numbers of things. What content got the most likes? The most engagement? The most positive feedback? Shares? Comments?

Once you determine that content, dig deeper. What did the content say? Was it funny? Was it informative? Was it heartfelt? Did it tell a story? What graphics were included? Was it a photo? Who or what was in the photo? Did you use video?

After you’ve broken down your own content, determine how you can continue to create new, relevant content that fits that mold.

What didn’t work?
What did you plan, that well, didn’t go according to plan? Sometimes things you think are hilarious may miss the mark. Sometimes you think your content is spot on and it turns people off. Sometimes things you think will work just don’t. The best way to determine what didn’t work so well is again, to get into the numbers of things. What got the least engagement? Was there any negative feedback? Just like I said before, dig deeper.

As you’re digging, let the trolls be trolls. However, you may want to pay attention to repeated negative sentiments on a post. Currently, navigating the status quo can be difficult. Check if this content could have been insensitive or inappropriate for your audience.

One thing to keep in mind when looking into your numbers are the days and times you post. The “best” days and times are ever changing and are different on each platform, which takes us into the next question (quite seamlessly, I might add).

What trends are still going strong? What trends are old news?
Do your research. In the social media world, things change constantly, and sometimes the biggest challenge as a social manager can be keeping up with those changes. What are the best days and times to post? Check out the new hashtags. Are hashtags still a thing? (Kind of.) Remember boomerangs? (Still cool.) What’s the next thing? Reels? Video? (Video is definitely here to stay!). Is Twitter still relevant? (For some.)

To handle this tricky landscape, I recommend making some wiggle room in your social strategy (and in your head) to navigate trends as they pop up. Keeping up with trends is simple; but like I said, do your research. Follow any influencers relevant to your brand. Check out sites like Hubspot and The Rasor blog (a not-so-shameless plug, because we here at Rasor are a wealth of valuable information). Stay up-to-date on the latest news. If that one made you reach for your cup of coffee, try The Skimm, for fun, short-winded news tidbits to keep you up to date.

In that research whirlwind, make sure to also take note of what is old news. Pay attention to your numbers as you go: if you see a big spike, or a big dip, adjust accordingly. What trends are out? What things are played out? What is no longer going to capture attention? Mind you, I will fight all day long for my side-part and skinny jeans, Gen Z.

Now, as you’re staring down your social strategy path, hopefully it feels a little less windy, and a little more welcoming.