16 Apr

Rasor Marketing and Sam’s Club—Everything a man needs. In one place.

By Libby Esterle

Senior Account Executive

A wise man (or maybe my brother-in-law) once said “Everything a man needs is at Sam’s Club.”

After that declaration, I challenged myself to determine whether one could live comfortably shopping at Sam’s alone. And while men tend to need (want?) less than women (for instance, Sam’s limited clothing department might be fine for most men but most women would likely desire more variety), I had to concede that, yes, I also believe that everything a man (or woman) needs is at Sam’s Club.

Looking for high-quality products, food, household goods and supplies at great prices? Look no further than your neighborhood Sam’s Club.

So that got me thinking. In many ways, Rasor Marketing Communications is sort of a like a Sam’s Club for our clients*. High quality work. Wide range of skill sets. Expertise in many different industries, representing our four core focus areas: Research, Marketing, Production and Public Relations. Everything your company, organization or business needs. All in one place.

Sam’s Club has:                                                                                                            

  • Health & beauty products, pharmacy and eye care
  • Extensive book and magazine area
  • Large electronics selection
  • Wide variety of food offerings– from soup to nuts

RMC has:

  • Healthcare expertise (Research, Marketing, Production)
  • Excellent writing talent (Marketing, Production)
  • Skilled media relations experts (Public Relations)
  • Comprehensive audit work (Research)

*Despite our best efforts, we’ve yet to add an on-site café with giant pretzels, pizza slices and salads. Same goes for the permanent patio furniture display.