22 Oct

Project Management and Moving

By Kaity Dunn, Account Associate

This past weekend, my friend texted me asking me to come over immediately to help with her move. She’s not one to ask for help often, so I knew it must have been an emergency. I dropped what I was doing and hopped in my car. As I drove to her new location in Mariemont, my mind went back to my own move a few months ago.

I was so grateful my friends and family came to help me, but I probably could have done a better job leading the event itself. Looking back on it, I think I took for granted how useful the project management skills I’ve picked up working at a Cincinnati marketing and communications agency could be in real life.

In any event where the project deals with uncharted territory, and the people working together have never worked together before, it’s best to take a step back and plan the best way to approach each facet of the project. I probably should have delegated more, set expectations of timing, roles and responsibilities, planned rest periods so my friends would not get burnt out, etc. Instead I just did what everyone was doing, which was to dive in and do whatever was in front of me. With my lack of direction, many people frequently came to me at once to ask me questions, which resulted in more work on all our parts. Oh well. At least it was only a one-bedroom apartment, and now I know better for next time.

Once I arrived to my friend’s new apartment, I was thankful that she understood the importance of delegating in a situation like moving. She gave me the clear and easy task of setting up her kids’ bedroom.

They say that moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in your lifetime. Do you agree?