7 Nov

“Kids! Big Ben. Parliament. Again.” Going in Circles

By Kaity Dunn, Account Executive


As part of an award-winning Cincinnati marketing and communications agency that specializes in public involvement projects, I’ve had the pleasure of working with several transportation and infrastructure clients over the years.

And, as you can probably imagine, I’ve noticed that projects related to easing congestion and improving traffic flow are hot buttons for area residents and other community members. After all, when it comes to finding ways to get places more quickly, more safely and with fewer headaches, everyone has an opinion. So, it’s our job to make sure we consistently and effectively communicate the what/where/when and why behind every project, so everyone knows A) what the project components are and B) what they can expect during every phase.

Taking a cue from our friends across the pond, some of our more recent projects have involved a slightly different way of keeping traffic flowing—the roundabout. Common in Europe and famously featured in “National Lampoon’s European Vacation” a roundabout is a circular intersection that allows traffic to flow almost continuously around a central island in one direction.

However, since roundabouts are less common stateside, it is important that we make sure people understand what a roundabout is, how it works and what benefits it provides. To do so, we’ve incorporated the following tools to communicate to our target audiences:

Be Social. That is, take advantage of social media channels to link to educational videos that walk viewers through what a roundabout is, how it works and even how to drive in one.

Show. Maps, diagrams, drawings and photos are also helpful in showing people what roundabouts look like in their actual area so they know what to expect when encountering one.

And Tell. Along with visuals, a clear, strong description of the project parameters including construction timing, how it will impact traffic, project information and project benefits, is also very important to get everyone moving in the right direction.