24 Feb

Is Your E-mail List Still Relevant? Maybe You Should Launch a Re-engagement Campaign.

By Brittnay Bell, Account Executive

My personal email account is a hot mess. I get upwards of 30 promotional emails a day, some useful, some not — and my New Year’s resolution was to clean up my Gmail account and unsubscribe from emails that were no longer sparking joy. Then, one email stopped me in my tracks. It was from a parenting blog that I signed up for nearly three years ago when my son was born. The subject read “Do you still want helpful parenting tips?” and I thought, well of course I do, and thank you for asking. It made me think, how many companies regularly check in on their email lists? And how many of our clients should?

Cleaning up your email list is important, but before you do a massive purge, consider launching a re-engagement campaign. Why would you do that, you ask? Well, here are three things re-engagement campaigns can accomplish:

  1. Identify users who want to hear and receive content from you, thereby boosting engagement through improved open and click rates. It’s likely it’ll also save you a bit of money by purging unengaged users (lowering the number of emails in your CRM), but keep users who have already entered your sales funnel (lower acquisition costs).
  2. Provide an opportunity to build more meaningful connections with subscribers – ultimately improving conversion rates and leading to higher customer satisfaction.
  3. Improving deliverability by lowering the number of bounced emails per campaign, ensuring that your marketing email campaigns are performing at optimum levels.

If you’re considering cleaning up your email list, identify users who don’t typically open your emails and be sure to use a compelling and personal subject line. It may seem like a daunting task, but re-starting with a fresh, relevant, and highly engaged email list will pay dividends down the road.