18 Oct

Hey Hospital Marketer: Here Are 4 Things Your CEO Wants From You

Have you read the September 2017 Spectrum from the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD)? The cover article, written by a hospital CEO and former SHSMD board member, is called “6 Things Your CEO Needs from You.”  

You may not have had time to read it, so here are a few things the author identifies as needing from his hospital marketing team: 

  1. Imagine what is possible. 
  1. Help us see the big picture. 
  1. Identify new tools to collect, interpret and communicate information. “Strategists must be skilled at identifying meaningful data sources and tools, analyzing and integrating information, and communicating insights to improve the organization’s decision making – and monitor ongoing success.” 
  1. Facilitate conversations and drive decisions forward. 

It’s a tall order, right? We can help. 

  1. Get introduced to Market Vitals, an app that compiles all of your data, and makes it do everything your CEO wants from you. 
  1. Take our fun, informative quiz to see how your data measurement stacks up: rasormarketing.com/marketvitals. 
  1. Download our popular white paper, “Secrets to Measuring Healthcare Data That Will Change Your Life” after you take the quiz. 
  1. Sign up for a 15 minute webinar with us to learn more about Market Vitals. 

Wait. You’re busy. No problem. Do one of those things, or all of those things. Just do the something that is going to make your data measurement more effective and more efficient.