30 Jun

Headed Back to the Office? Us too. What We’ll Miss, and Three Things We’re Looking Forward to.

By Brittnay Bell, Account Executive

Who would have thought that we were going to spend more than a year working exclusively from home?! Not me. I remember last February when COVID was just a whisper in the news and a thing of rumors and speculation. After months of an all-consuming pandemic, vaccination rates are on the rise, and the country is establishing a new normal. As a part of that new normal, some people are pining for their office and face-to-face interaction, and others are dreading the day they’ll have to ditch the sweatpants and waist-up Zoom attire. Here are the top three things I’m most looking forward to as our team explores going back into the office and the three things I’ll miss the most from my time working from home.

  1. Seeing my team. We have such a great team at Rasor, and the thing I’ve missed the most is being in the office with everyone, the small talk, and being able to stop by my coworker’s desk for a quick chat.
  2. My commute. Ok, here me out. As a mom of a very busy, rambunctious and, let’s face it – loud – toddler, I miss the 20-minute drive of silence. A brief respite, where I could just sort of tune out and listen to talk radio. Goodbye Cocomelon!
  3. In-person meetings. Not just with my team, but with our amazing clients. We work with the best clients in the city, and dare I say that most of them become personal friends. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Now, what will I miss about working exclusively from home?

  1. Sleeping in. I know I said I’m looking forward to my commute, but I’m not looking forward to having to wake up 20 minutes earlier than I have been for more than a year.
  2. Having food on hand for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Am I right?! My wallet has been happy (even if my waistline hasn’t been) with the money saved from not going out to lunch or ordering into the office. I’m hoping that I can keep up the habit of saving money, but packing a lunch every day hasn’t ever been my jam.
  3. My sweatpants. Don’t get me wrong, Rasor has a relaxed “dress code,” but sweatpants would be pushing it even for us. I guess I’ll just have to try out the more relaxed “mom jean” Gen Z has catapulted to popularity.

Rasor’s core values have always included flexibility, and with tech that’s proven effective to allowing us to work from anywhere, we’re looking forward to a blend of office and remote that supports both work and life.