15 May

Hate Grocery Shopping? Big Oven has Cooked Up a Great App for You

By: Kasi Kinnett, Account Associate
I should always repeat the mantra “there’s an app for that,” whenever I run into anything that is difficult in my life. Grocery shopping is the bane of my existence. If I could cross one thing off of my chore list it would be grocery shopping over cleaning the toilet any day. So, why then did it never occur to me that an app could make this undesirable chore a little easier?Once I took a gander into my app store I realized there are apps for all areas of grocery shopping. Need coupons? Need to scan labels for dietary needs? Want to hit all of your food groups? Need to find the closest store with a needed item? There are plenty of apps for all of these things. What I need is the app for the hater of grocery shopping (and let’s not leave out hater of cooking.)

Enter Big Oven app. I’d heard of this app before, so it seemed like the one to try and this app does seem to have it all. When I first opened it, it looked complicated and I wanted so badly to write it off as not simple enough and I would never use it. Back to grabbing random items off of the shelf and getting out of there as fast as I can! Unfortunately or fortunately, this app is surprisingly user-friendly and I will also begrudgingly admit, awesome.

Let’s talk features. Here are my favorites. Have items in your fridge that are close to being out of commission or have that yellow squash you were sure you would figure out some way to cook but it is still taking up residence in the darkened back corner of your bottom shelf? Enter up to three items into the app and it will give you a list of recipes that use the items. Even better? It will add the entire ingredient list to your grocery list. Then, you just go through and uncheck the items that you already have. Your recipe and your shopping list are saved and ready to go.

Another cool feature is the ability to search for recipes. Low-carb? Gluten-free? Need a dish for a specific holiday or heck, a certain season? Looking for a French entrée or good ole American cuisine? You can search any which way that you please. If you see a recipe that you like, add it, and it will add items to your grocery list. Or just save it for later.

I will never get to this point but if you are Suzy Homemaker and plan your meals ahead you’re going to love this app. Once you find a recipe that you like, hit “plan” and simply add it to your schedule. Once again the ingredients are added to your grocery list.

I don’t think I’ll ever be that person who is psyched to go to Kroger and browse the shelves looking for the perfect spice to add to my homemade fall pumpkin soup. However, if this app can keep me from abandoning my pen, paper and good intentions for that box of mac and cheese, I’d say it’s worth it.