20 Jul

Cookies and Carbs and Chocolate (Oh My): Why We Love Working in Montgomery

By Abby Brown, Creative Associate

A day in the life of a Rasor employee includes many things: humorous banter between coworkers, lots of hard work for our fabulous clients, and most likely a conversation about cats. A pleasant office culture is key to any work environment, and ours is as pleasant as zoo babies hanging out in a Dr. Seuss book. That might be overkill, but you get the point. We are a bunch of cool ladies.

Aside from our sparkling personalities, working at Rasor is wonderful because of our awesome location. In case you haven’t had the pleasure of exploring quaint Old Montgomery, here are some of our personal favorite things about our home here on Remington Road:

The Food: Here at Rasor, we don’t just eat food, we’re champion eaters. Montgomery is obviously home to the infamous Montgomery Inn, but we’re not lacking in options. Some of our favorites? Delicio Pizza, a newer installment, offers breadsticks in the shape of pretzels (appropriately dubbed ‘bretzels’). Dipping bretzels in their queso is scientifically proven to fix all problems. Z Place, an adorable sandwich shop, is home to friendly service, spectacular chicken salad and cheese samples a-plenty. Scrumbles, a new cookie and gelato shop, will send you into a sugary-delicious food coma with their gelato cookie sandwiches. And if you’re still craving sugar, Haute Chocolate is the perfect place to pick up a buckeye or chocolate covered bacon for later.

The Shops: Montgomery is the perfect place for a weekend (or mid-workday) shopping outing. Pink Tulip Club is the perfect place to peruse for adorable finds. Prefer to window shop? Kotsovos is filled with gorgeous gowns that we love to admire – and it’s right next door to your favorite marketing communications firm!

The Great Outdoors: On a day when our unpredictable Midwest weather cooperates, there’s nothing better than giving your brain a mental break and enjoying the world outside the office. Montgomery is filled with quaint, pedestrian-friendly routes. We also have Swaim Park right down the road, which is perfect for picturesque park lunch breaks.

I’ve reviewed some of our favorites, but for you readers who are familiar with the area, are there any local favorites that I missed? Comment below or tweet us at @RasorMC.