18 Apr

6 Ways to Build a Successful Instagram Page for Your Business

Instagram currently has over 800 million users and is still growing—so how do you present yourself in the best way on this app?


As a millennial, I go on Instagram at least once of day and have noticed trends that draw me more to certain profiles than others. I’ve pulled together a list of attributes many successful Instagram pages implement.


  1. Selective, stylized shots

Instagram users usually come to the platform expecting aesthetically pleasing images. On Facebook, it is typical to find many pictures in an album from an event, whereas Instagram, people are more selective with their photos. For instance, after an event, you would anticipate a page to post the best image or a couple of images from the occasion. Less can be more on this social media.


  1. Reposting from your followers

A great way to engage users, and lighten your workload, is to frequently monitor people using your hashtags and repost their images— along with a shout-out. Not only does it show that people are talking about your company, it also prompts other people to follow suit and post about your organization!


  1. Variety

The same ol’ same ol’ can get boring. Keep your followers interested by mixing up your content. Have someone take over your Instagram account for a day, post a video, create Instagram stories, and more. People appreciate creativity.


  1. Featuring partnering businesses

Similar to reposting from your followers, posting about partnering businesses raises engagement. This also creates a sense of community for your audience.


  1. Relevant hashtags

Hashtags are a great tool to show up in searches, but they frequently are overused and look desperate to get engagement. Stick to the strongest hashtags or even come up with your own to consistently use and prompt other people to do so as well.


  1. Maintaining a theme

An Instagram theme is a great way to reinforce your brand. Using similar filters and subject matters creates a cohesive page.


Instagram is an incredible tool. Hopefully these tips have put you on the path to connect and engage with your audience as well as expose other facets of your business.