11 Jul

6 Reasons Why You Should Make More Lists

Autumn Grace Peterson, Account Associate 

I’m not sure what’s been increasing faster recently: the temperature or my workload. The only thing that has been keeping me sane this summer season is an abundance of lists.  


I continuously update a large ongoing list with a variety of tasks ranging from replying to an email to larger projects. Admittedly, this mammoth record of responsibilities can be daunting (and if you work in public relations or marketing, I know you feel me). I have found the most success in creating a smaller list of daily duties (which I pull from my larger list) before I leave each day so that when I arrive to work the next morning, I have my work cut out for me. 


Below I have included my reasoning as to why I think lists are so great. A list of the benefits of lists, if you will. 


Check it out:  

  • Lists organize you 

Your work is all laid out in front of you in a manageable, reliable manner instead of scribbled in random locations, marked in a bunch of different emails or floating around your already busy brain.  

  • Lists prioritize tasks 

Once your work is on a piece of paper, on your phone or computer, you can easily rank the items by importance. 

  • Lists relieve stress 

The feeling of having “a million things to do” dissipates when you can physically see that you actually only have about ten tasks. 

  • Lists keep you focused 

Knowing what you have to accomplish in a designated period of time keeps you on task. 

  • Lists foster creativity 

Psychology Today explains how lists promote creativity here!  

  • Lists create a sense of accomplishment 


There is no greater satisfaction than marking something off your to-do list. The only greater satisfaction might be looking back at all of the work you completed over the course of time. 

Speaking of, I can now mark this blog post off my list of tasks I wanted to complete. Feels good.