16 Jul

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Internship

By Jimmy Caccamo


Every student is looking for an internship of some sort during their college career, and in today’s economy and competitive intern market your perfect internship can be near impossible to find. What should an ambitious young student do? You have already applied to over a dozen companies, you have interviewed numerous times with no offers, and the jobs you are beginning to see do not seem to fit to what you want to be doing. I have been through what most college students have been through and internship hunting can be difficult, especially when you are not exactly sold on the job descriptions companies are posting. Here is some advice on how to pick out an internship and maximize your time there.

1.  Do not always look for that specific field or area of expertise you wish to acquire. Instead look for companies that specialize in many areas -including the area you wish to pursue – and actively seek these companies out (most companies want to see someone who is active and who is going to better their business).

2. No matter what internship you decide to take, there is always room for your own creativity. Employers want to see you. They want to see that you are actively engaged and shedding light on new ideas.

3. Whenever you are finished with your work, look for something else you can do to benefit the company. Whether it is something simple like helping out another co-worker, or deciding to put together a certain project that would benefit the company can help you stand out. Doing these things can lead to new opportunities and also increase your knowledge base.

4. Love what you do. I am sure you have told yourself at some point “I just wish I could do something I love, I would be able to do an excellent job.” Well if you love what you do, you are more likely to produce great work.

5. Be willing to explore and think outside the box. Why not expand your skillset? In our world today, almost all employees need to wear many hats and juggle many tasks. The more tools in your tool shed, the more options you have to what projects you can contribute to.

There is a trend in all of these tips. Stay creative, work hard and always have an open mind. If you are able to successfully use all of these tips you will benefit the business you work for, the position you are in, and most importantly yourself.

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