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Research: Asking the Right Questions

Implementing an impactful marketing or public relations campaign that resonates with everyone from your number one customer to the people in the C-suite means your message has to be rock solid. And the only way to do that is to start by asking the right questions.

Sometimes our clients know what those questions are and how to get them answered. But many times, they are under the gun to get the message out quickly and ask questions later. Research is assumed to be too time-consuming, too costly or sometimes not necessary because “we already know what the problem is.”

Our team of experts has been in your shoes. And while we can empathize, we have yet to find a situation where even a minimal amount of research doesn’t enhance the message and strategy. We are sensitive to deadlines and budgets and know how to get answers quickly through a carefully choreographed research plan. We understand how to get the data, analyze it, and explain how it influences your message quickly and succinctly. And in the end, that can save you time and money.

You need to develop a marketing communications plan. It needs to be comprehensive. You’ll need special events, direct mail, advertising, public relations…and it’s starting to feel like you’ve been asked to climb Mt. Everest in flip flops.

Not to worry. Our market research design and analysis services can make you feel like you’ve got a team of sherpas and a truckload of oxygen tanks.

We customize the research you need – from large phone surveys to small focus groups – to figure out the best way to reach your target audience. What do people think of your product? Should you re-name your product? Are your employees on-board with this big new initiative? Where do your key audiences hang out? Heck, who are your key audiences? These are all answers we can get if you don’t have them.

All too often, companies spend money to cultivate great research, and then the results are shelved. No one has time to go through all that stuff, right? Wrong. We do it for you. And we’ll present thoughtful analysis that gives you all the information you need, and none of the stuff you don’t.

We get a little geeky about data. Just analyzing market share trends, drawing conclusions about volume changes and getting to the bottom of why consumer perceptions have changed …this is a great afternoon in our world. But it’s not everyone’s idea of a good time.

That’s why we’re firm believers in packing data into neat-and-tidy packages that everyone’s excited to open. We analyze your data, picking through what matters to you and what doesn’t, to develop the messages you need to hear. And then we can figure out how to make those messages become something your audiences want to hear.

We love measurement. And the beauty of it is it comes in all shapes and sizes. From a CFO-approved ROI report to an impact study showing responses to calls to action from a campaign, there is a way to measure everything you do. We can help identify and quantify those measures, which protects your budget and makes you a more valued marketer for your organization.