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Public Relations: Communicating for Success 

Many of our team members are accredited by the Public Relations Society of America, and our public relations experience runs the gamut from coordinating press conferences for major product launches to wrangling media like the BBC, CNN and the New York Times.

But as any expert practitioner will tell you, public relations is much more than media relations. A thoughtful public relations campaign can yield immense results ranging from increased employee engagement to better community relations to increased sales.

We understand this, and work with our clients to make sure their public relations plans are well-considered and contain all of the components for success.

The best product developed by the top experts will fall on deaf ears unless you succinctly describe what it is, its benefits and why it matters.

Savvy companies recognize this, and engage us to help them craft those messages. After all, a sound bite is a brief moment, so that message has to be perfect.

Communication plans are absolutely necessary to support a broader marketing or public relations plan. What good is that brand new product you’re launching with an expensive ad campaign if you haven’t first informed your employees and management team?

We conduct any quantitative and qualitative research to construct the foundation of a solid plan, then use your existing communications mediums and recommend creative new ways to share the key messages with your constituents.

Government and community projects can take on an added layer of complexity when conversations involve a number of neighborhoods and constituents.

We’ve worked with, and for, a number of public entities like the City of Cincinnati, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, Warren County, Hamilton County and the Ohio Department of Transportation. We provide careful planning for public involvement. These plans lead to nurtured relationships and open exchanges of information and support for public works projects by the communities in which they occur.

Our plans include a range of tactics: everything from community meetings to public relations to government relations. Everything it takes to do the job right, on time and on budget.

Having an engaged, informed workforce translates into an army of ambassadors for your company. How often do you communicate with your associates? Do you make social media easy for them to access so they can interact with the company? Do you send information to their homes? Do you tell them company news before you announce to the outside world? Do you give them a sneak peek of advertising before it airs? You should be doing all of this and more.

We know what it takes to plan for, create and support a corporate culture that will help to make your company one that is recognized as a great place to work. And that translates into lower attrition, decreased training costs, increased productivity and a more satisfied workforce.

Our talented team has worked with hundreds of media outlets to tell the stories of our clients. We understand the importance of cultivating relationships with reporters, the information they seek and the timelines under which they work.

Our media relations services include:

Writing succinct, message-driven news releases

Intelligent use of news wires to send releases

Setting up press conferences with an eye toward who needs to be at the table and who needs to be there to report on it

Counsel on handling difficult media situations or media attention you don’t want

Thoughtful planning to be sure messaging is included in your social media, website and internal communications simultaneously.