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Marketing: Determining the Best Strategy 

There are almost as many tactics for marketing as there are humans on the planet. That is to say, A LOT. Figuring out the most effective strategies and tactics takes experts with depth and breadth of experience. Luckily, we’ve got that in spades.

Do you have a marketing plan?

When was the last time you updated it?

Does it include your company’s goals, objectives, strategies and tactics?

Do you have budgets assigned to those tactics?

Does it include research you used to develop the strategies and tactics?

Are these questions making you feel a little uncomfortable?

Our talented experts employ their brilliant marketing skills to develop thoughtful marketing plans that answer all of those questions, plus 50 more.

Message development is an art. But there is science behind that art. We help you craft your message based on conversations with you and your key internal and external constituents.

We methodically work at the message, shaping it until it says exactly what you imagined all along but couldn’t figure out how to say.

That message can then be deployed consistently across a variety of communications tactics to connect with your world.

Social media must be constantly nurtured, or it grows stale. We help to develop interesting, thoughtful postings that echo the key messages you need your audience to hear. We monitor the progress and keep you informed. And we make sure it all dovetails with your overall plan so your audience connects with your brand. We’ll help you navigate the social media map.

We offer:

Social media analysis

Conversation calendar development

Social media training

Social media timeline post writing

Social posting management and scheduling

Social media page management

So, not saying it’s ever happened to any of you, but occasionally we have clients who have suddenly been “blessed” with a new sponsorship that SVP Bob promised to Great Cause Non-Profit’s CEO at last week’s golf outing. And, not only do they need to carve out a place in their budget for it, but they need to determine how to measure the benefit of this relationship to objectively evaluate it and make recommendations for the following year.

Working in partnership with other organizations, either as a sponsor or collaborator on a mutually beneficial initiative can be a fruitful endeavor for both organizations. We have provided a marketing communications mindset to these negotiations, making sure we make the “pie” as big as it can be for both parties and that everyone is accountable for measurable results.