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Market Vitals™ is an app for healthcare marketers to understand how marketing spend correlates to bottom-line results. With system, facility and service line dashboards, all of your marketing and finance data is aggregated by quarter and easily viewed and shared.

Market Vitals™  app available in iOS. Market Vitals™ brings your data together in a concise digital dashboard via mobile app that can be easily accessed for decision-making and discussions anywhere, any time. How many times have you had questions asked during a service line meeting that you didn’t have access to in the moment, necessitating a delay of a decision or even another meeting?

This tool is designed to keep everything at your fingertips with the most up-to-date information available.

Key Features

  • Developed specifically for healthcare.
  • Quick access to your aggregated data in paid, earned and owned media.
  • Quantifies results across 17 core metrics vetted nationally through healthcare marketers and CFOs.
  • Core operational and outcomes metrics align with those presented in the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development white paper Life Beyond Promotion: Core Metrics for Measuring Marketing’s Financial Performance.
  • Turnkey tool conveys marketing performance with.
  • Customizable PDF reports with comparable information are also an option. If you’re not yet ready for the Market Vitals app, start with the PDF report and work up from there.

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Executive Reports

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