7 May

The Importance of Content Marketing

Kaity Dunn

Account Associate

In the March 15, 2013 Cincinnati Business Courier article titled “Digital marketing evens playing field for the little guys,” James Ritchie highlights how small and medium-sized companies benefit from content marketing and social media engagement. Content marketing has proven to be less expensive than traditional advertising approaches, and it’s also where your consumer is. In a Google study called “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior,” it was discovered that 90 percent of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether that’s on smartphones, PCs, tablets or TV.

Another perk of content marketing is that it’s possible to measure the impressions and how people use your website, and how long they spend reading your content. Rasor Marketing Communications uses Google Analytics, Raven Tools and other methods to track and record behavior in order to see where people’s interests lie.

Discussing the importance of content marketing leads to a question widely talked about in the marketing world: How do we come up with content? I’ve listed three ideas below to get you started.

1.     Spend at least a half hour every day reading industry news. Making a habit of reading often about your industry will provide you with inspiration to create content with a fresh spin on what you’ve read.

2.     Repurpose your content. It’s perfectly acceptable to go back to topics you have written about earlier in the year and provide a fresh take on them in new forums.

3.     Attend networking events. I’ve been surprised how I’ve often come away with great ideas and inspiration from conversations I’ve had with people I’ve met at conferences and networking events.


What practices have worked for you and your strategic marketing plans?

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