4 Apr

Good Photography Can Improve Your Marketing

By Ian Marker, Account Associate 


We’ve all seen those social media accounts that have their act together. Beautiful images help tell the story of a brand. Today, we live in a world driven by pictures. We scour the internet at work seeing pictures from our last Google search, become annoyed with pop-up advertisements of the newest perfume from Macy’s and to blow off some steam, we head on over to Pinterest for some aesthetic peace. 


These images we see every day don’t create themselves! Someone has to keep taking photos to fill our demand for visual information, and doing so can help you best communicate your brand to your audience. Here are three tips on how quality photographs can influence your next marketing piece.  


  1. Social media. 

Have that friend who constantly updates their status of how they’re feeling that particular Tuesday at 3 o’clock? Yawn. But wait, the next post you see belongs to a friend from college who just uploaded 12 new photos to their album “Week at the beach.” Let’s face it, you blew right through that status update but clicked to examine your friend hanging out at the beach. Posts with photos receive 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more clicks on links. You’ll never post a text-only update again.  


  1. Your Brand 

Having and maintaining good photography for your brand can add to your brand’s overall presence and credibility. Say you’re a brand-new luxury hotel, like The Summit, opening in spring 2018. If you have photos on your website and social media all taken by people with little photography experience, people looking for a place to stay (or book their next corporate meeting) might not understand how unique and modern the hotel is as a whole. We live in a digital society where everything is researched. If the photos aren’t a good portrayal of what you’re promoting, then you may not be reaching your full marketing potential! 


  1. Stand Out 

Everyone has a camera in their pockets today. Cell phone cameras are getting better and more impressive each year. Having these photos already on your phone make them incredibly easy to share into the social media sphere and on the internet. This adds to the overload of images we see every day. Your company or brand has to do something to make draw the attention of your audience, and having impressive photos can help with that. If you have something worth showing off, why not make it look its best and draw in some business in the process? 


Photos are everywhere, and everyone is talking about how many megapixels the new iPhone has, but knowing how to use these powerful tools to promote brand is what is important. Maximize social media potential, increase your brand credibility and stand out from the crowd. Good photography can help.