15 Feb

Downton Abbey gets a send-up from a most unusual source

By Erika Turan

Senior Account Executive

In the marketing world, how do you know when your product has made the big time? Well, to a certain degree, it’s when it crosses the radar of the writers at “Sesame Street.”

PBS’ unexpected mega-hit “Downton Abbey” is one of the most successful series in the network’s history. The show has garnered awards and magazine covers and even inspired a line of home furnishings.  Working in a Cincinnati marketing agency, I’d call that a dream-come-true if a client’s product delivered all of that.

But the real win may happen when “Sesame Street” decides to use your product, show, music (and they’ve done it all) to teach preschoolers while appealing to their adult companions.

“Sesame Street” has long employed celebrity cameos ranging from The Goo Goo Dolls to Michelle Obama to Norah Jones. Most of them are completely unrecognized by the milk-and-cookie set, but fun for their parents to watch.

Recently, “Sesame Street” released its own little version of “Downton Abbey” on its YouTube channel. In this alternate universe, Carson the butler is attempting to serve tea to the Dowager Countess. This is made extremely difficult by the fact that they’re living at Upside Downton Abbey. Oh good heavens.

It’s a fun view, for fans of “Downton Abbey” and “Sesame Street” alike. 

Look around a little further, and you can find “Sesame Street” skits devoted to “The Apprentice,” “Boardwalk Empire” and even “Mad Men” (presented by EMC, the Emotional Movie Channel.)