24 Jan

Should your business have an app? 3 questions to ask first

Kaity Dunn

Account Associate


Apps are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, the marketing community predicts that apps are on the way to replace email. But before you decide to create an app for your business, ask yourself these questions:


1. What technology does your audience use?

It’s best to meet your audience where they’re already having conversations. If they use Facebook and other social media often, they’re probably knowledgeable about apps and would be open to yours. If they only use email to connect online, I suggest reaching them there.

2. How often will the app be updated?
The more foreseeable opportunities there are for the app to be updated and reused, the more business sense it makes to have one. If it will only be used once, you may want to consider other options such as an email campaign or a QR code.

3. How will your audience benefit from the app?
The app should provide a unique benefit to give value to the customer. It won’t succeed on novelty alone.
Used correctly, the app has the potential to promote your brand, increase revenue or simply get your message to those that need to hear it. However, just because apps have a “wow” effect because they’re relatively new does not mean it is the most effective way to reach your audience. First take an inventory of what your audience needs and where they are talking before deciding if creating an app is the best strategy for your business.

What apps do you find useful? I like this list from Ragan’s PR Daily blog.