2 Jan

Building a Team – One Fun Activity at a Time

At Rasor Marketing Communications we are fortunate to have a great team of people who work well together. From working moms to recent college graduates and interns to a couple of empty-nesters, our diverse team gets along really well. And this goes beyond just work.

We often come together to enjoy healthy and delicious lunch potlucks at our staff meetings, sharing dishes (and recipes) based on themes like “Fresh from the Farmer’s Market” “Build a Salad” and “Brunch.” It’s always fun to see what everyone brings in and discover new favorites along the way.

However, we also recognize the need to bond outside of the office at times and, thanks to our awesome owner, have had opportunities to do just that. We recently enjoyed happy hour at the new The Summit Hotel (which we had a hand in opening) and have participated in events such as: the City of Mason Corporate Challenge 5K, the Santa Suit Fun Run in West Chester, the Cincinnati Heart Mini Marathon and the Hamilton Dragon Boat Festival.

And few months back, we were also treated to a surprise activity at the Houdini Escape Room (something I have personally been wanting to try forever).  Our two teams were challenged to make it out of two different rooms and had a ball (even though one of our teams who shall remain nameless didn’t escape in time… but that’s not what’s important, right)?

Tell us, what activities have you participated in as part of a team building exercise? What did you like about them?