11 Dec

9 TV Shows You Should Start Watching

By Libby Esterle, Senior Account Executive

Warning: May Contain Spoilers

As you know by now, I have spent the past several years working for, what I consider to be, the BEST Cincinnati-based marketing and communications firm. And with 14 Blacksmith awards to our name, I don’t think I’m wrong! But, that is a blog for another day.

Today, I wanted to share you with my thoughts re: another kind of medium–TV– And my thoughts on some new shows and also some older shows that I am still watching. Consider it “Libby’s Guide to 2014/2015 TV Shows That You Never Asked For.” So, here you have it:

  • The Affair (SHOWTIME)–The same story told from two different perspectives (the male and female leads involved in the affair) it’s a haunting and gripping cautionary tale with a bit of (possible) murder mystery thrown in.
  • American Horror Story: Freakshow (FX)–From the same channel that brought us the cutting edge Nip/Tuck, all of AHS’s seasons have been a dark guilty pleasure and this season of Freakshow is no exception. Plus, as a native Minnesotan, I have a soft spot in my heart for fellow Minnesota Jessica Lange.
  • Gracepoint (FOX)– A gritty but compelling show, I have to say I am really enjoying it so far, even if I can’t get past the lead male actor’s overgrown facial and neck scruff. Still, you can’t go wrong with Anna Gunn (Skyler White from Breaking Bad) as the strong, smart, yet sensitive female lead.
  • Homeland (SHOWTIME)– Brilliant as always. But I am surprised and a bit disappointed that the show has yet to address where things stand with Brody’s wife and children following last year’s finale.
  • New Girl (Fox)– I got hooked on New Girl via Netflix streaming and now watch it each week– when I’ve run out of other shows to watch. Unfortunately, it just isn’t nearly as funny as it used to be. And that disappoints me because I think the cast is better than what we’ve seen this season. While I know it will be difficult to top my all-time favorite episode “The Landlord,” there is a lot of untapped potential there so I am hopeful this lull is only temporary.
  • Parenthood (NBC)—Ditto. Got hooked on it via Netflix, got caught up and now I watch it each week. This show has always in my top three favorite shows, so I was disappointed to learn that this season is the final one. But…after watching several episodes, I think it’s the right call. Things are getting a bit stale for the beloved Braverman clan and I find myself a bit bored. So, time to wrap it up.
  • The Walking Dead (AMC).  PERFECTION. That is all.
  • Stalker (CBS)—While a bit more polished than Gracepoint, this crime drama also features and male/female team and each week is a different plot that is resolved, so it keeps you engaged but if you miss a week, you won’t be totally Lost.

And, finally, looking ahead—The Red Tent. One of my very favorite books is coming to Lifetime on Dec. 7, 2014. I can’t wait to see how Anita Diamante’s biblical/historical fiction is brought to life, retelling and broadening the story of Dinah from before her birth to her death.

So, tell me- what are your favorite shows and why? Are you also losing interest in some of your old standbys like me?