3 Feb

6 Commercials from the 2013 Super Bowl spots to watch now

By Erika Turan

Senior Account Executive

The Super Bowl is coming! And there are two things that get me pumped: the recipes that show up everywhere for various dips to serve during the game, and the commercials.

Seriously, I have no idea who is playing in the Super Bowl. But working in a Cincinnati marketing agency, I’m getting excited for this year’s crop of clever (and awful) commercials.

Check  a few of them out now:

Volkswagen’s re-vamped Beetle gets an unexpected (but funny) treatment from a white guy office worker from Minnesota who speaks with a Rastafarian accent.

Toyota has a teaser out right now for its Super Bowl spot. Kaley Cuoco in a purple suit granting really random wishes, and I love it.
Audi has three potential spots to air during the game, and is leaving the choice up to viewers. Here’s one of them.









Cars.com is using a teaser to get us to stay tuned for their “drama” during the game.
Coca-Cola is ditching the adorable polar bears for this spot, featuring cowboys, a motorcycle gang, showgirls and a glitter bomb.













GoDaddy has already released its spot, and it’s clever.
Others I’m looking forward to? Amy Poehler in a spot for Best Buy, Axe Body Spray’s spot that ties in to sending regular folks into outerspace, and a whopping six spots from Budweiser rumored to have everything from the Clydesdales to Jay Z.