Savannah Hedges, Account Associate

Savannah Hedges brings a fresh perspective, unique background, and strategic mind to Rasor. As an Account Associate, Savannah enjoys executing creative ideas for teammates and clients, doing research, developing key takeaways, and simply being a doer. Savannah supports social media and digital communications for Rasor clients spanning the private and public sectors.

As a student at the University of Cincinnati, Savannah not only learned through classes, client-facing presentations, and campus ministry leadership, but forged connections that led to professional experience in financial communications, qualitative market research, engagement, report development, and more. Analyzing interviews and focus groups, engaging with clients to get to the heart of their questions, offering strategic solutions, and being exposed to numerous industries (including healthcare, packaging, home improvement, nutrition, and beauty just to name a few) while working in market research taught Savannah that there is always more to learn—and that this fact energizes her! In addition to this, her time in banking helped her refine her skills in communications, including creating and editing blog posts, press releases, articles, emails, and more. Despite banking being one of the most organized and regulated sectors, many of the issues faced by Savannah’s team were ambiguous and without much direction—nevertheless, she joyfully accepted any and all tasks, and came to develop some organizational and technical abilities that would soon come to solve problems her teammates had been facing for years.

Her background stretches beyond these skillsets, however. In fact, her experience working with puppies, small children, and retail customers, brought about characteristics to be a human “Swiss Army Knife”, flexible and creative enough to help with any task. Savannah is well-versed in thinking on her feet to locate answers for whatever questions may come through the door.

Savannah graduated magna cum laude from University of Cincinnati’s Kolodzik Business Scholars program with a degree in Marketing, while simultaneously— and accidentally— earning an independent Associates degree (she can’t help but go above and beyond).