13 Mar

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By Libby Esterle, Senior Account Executive

Dear RMC and Owl Tervis Tumblers,

Thank you for being there for me every day. Like Old Faithful, I know when it’s time to steep my dating for fitness and get on the road, one of you is always ready to be my morning companion. No longer must I wait until the dishwasher is done as your tag team approach and willingness to alternate days makes for the perfect partnership.

Tervis #1- You were a complete surprise. Everyone at our Cincinnati-based marketing and communications agency received one of you from our agency owner as a holiday gift- a 10 oz tumbler featuring the Rasor Marketing Communications logo and personalized with our first name (no mix ups at staff meetings for this motley crew!). You were the perfect gift- thoughtful and yet uber-practical and a great way to subtlety promote our agency.

Tervis #2- As my admiration for Tervis #1 grew stronger each day, I knew I HAD TO get a companion- one Tervis is just not enough. So, I made a special trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond and plucked you from the shelves of your buddies. And while I DID have a 20% coupon in hand, I honestly think I would have paid full price for you if necessary. This, coming from a very frugal someone who has finally changed her way of thinking thanks to striking out with every cheap, leaky, poor-performing $3-$5 lidded coffee mug from Big Lots. You get what you pay for and you are worth it. Your 10 oz. worth of sassy-winking, sleeping, cranky, cross-and-googley-eyed and colorful owls reflect how I feel at any given time and put me in a good mood (well, most of the time. I mean, let’s be honest here- you are a tumbler, not a magician.)

To the both of you: stay true to who you are. Stay the perfect size for my cup holder. Stay dishwasher safe. Stay virtually indestructible and condensation-free.


Your Appreciative Owner

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