Sam Taylor, Media Intern

Samuel (Sam) Taylor, Media Intern

Sam joined the Rasor team as a media intern in March of 2022. He began his career in writing after his dreadful first semester as an engineering student in college. He hasn’t looked back since. Sam has held every job available during his undergraduate education. From bartending to summer camp counseling, the life experience permeates his writing through stories and tight metaphor. We gave him access to our socials. We are hoping for the best…

Sam is looking forward to sharing his experience with the Rasor team and community. Founder of the creative writing and poetry clubs at the University of Dayton, throw him a writing bone and he’ll chew it to bits. With a BA in communications, a focus in journalism, and minors in English, creative writing and business writing from UD’s Honors College, the words will come flowing with or without a project in mind. Let’s find him something to write about.