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28 May
28 May

Small Business Pandemic Survival: the Pause, the Pivot, and the Push Forward (Part One)

By Mimi Rasor, APR, President

A little over a year ago, we were getting ready to celebrate our 15th year in business. Things were good. We had built some momentum as a mid-size Cincinnati marketing and communications agency and were starting to hit our stride. We had a decent pipeline for new business. Clients were happy and growing. And our culture was strong. We were in the first year of an aggressive three-year growth plan, targeting prospects beyond our region and looking to gain more traction nationally.

8 Jul

What 1,000 Consumers Told Us (and Why You Should Invest in Marketing Now)

By Mimi Rasor, APR, President As we all know, COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. Life as we know it has changed, and we will feel the effects of it for a very long time. Fortunately, we are also starting to responsibly re-open and this got us thinking—what’s the best way to connect with […]

3 Sep
8 Mar

Measuring Your Healthcare Marketing Metrics: How to be a Rockstar

We have all been in that meeting with the hospital leadership team. The one where you prepared for days to discuss the ins and outs of your comprehensive marketing communications strategy. Then the conversation takes a very sudden turn to an entirely different area of focus and everyone is excited about moving in that direction. […]

20 Nov

Three Public Involvement Tips to Help Work Through Conflict

By Mimi Rasor, President When it comes to roadway improvement projects, it’s not uncommon to see concerns from the public in the initial stages as they gather information about proposed upcoming changes. The Red Bank Corridor Project was no exception. Proposed as part of the Eastern Corridor Program, the Project was designed to improve access […]

22 Oct

5 Things to Ask a Prospective Marketing Agency

By Mimi Rasor, APR President Selecting a marketing firm for a long-term relationship can be tricky. It isn’t just about making sure they have strong project managers, writers and experience among their ranks. It’s really about entrusting a third party to understand your brand and communicate it as passionately as you would. If you’ve ever […]

6 Jun

An Open Letter to the Dog

By Mimi Rasor, APR President Dear Dirk — There are so many things we adore about you being in the family.  Like the way you come running any time someone gets ice from the fridge dispenser.   And it’s adorable that you will put all of your being into chasing a stick…     Doing […]

18 Apr

The new Cincinnati Enquirer format: the good, the bad and the ugly

By Mimi Rasor, APR President On March 11, the Cincinnati Enquirer became only the second major daily paper in the country to move to a new compact 10.5″ x 14.67″ size. Called the “Super Compact/Three Around” in industry lingo, the new size and corresponding content has been under design for more than a year. Enquirer […]

12 Mar

3 Rules to Live by When Measuring Healthcare Marketing

By Mimi Rasor, APR President Anyone who has spent time in healthcare marketing knows all too well what it’s like to present results to doctors who have spent their careers in research. They speak data. Fluently. They ask questions like, “Why is three percent missing on that market share chart?” and “What’s the methodology behind […]