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29 May

Are Your Photos the Right Size for Instagram?

By Ian Marker, Account Associate   Over 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram each day and with accounts depicting epic travel scenery or mouthwatering food setups, we can tell that not many posts are taken inside the native Instagram app anymore. More often than not, we’re transferring our best photos, shot on […]

13 Feb

How Are Your 2019 Resolutions Coming?

By Ian Marker, Account Associate   We all made them, but how are you doing at keeping your New Year’s resolutions? You may not have kept all those promises you made at the start of the year, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. When you drafted your New Year’s resolutions, a few things […]

16 Jan

How You Measure Up Against Your Competitor’s Facebook Pages

By Ian Marker, Account Associate    Working in an award-winning marketing agency in Cincinnati, you learn what it takes to measure up your clients’ competitors. It’s our job to make sure they have the best content that earns the most engagement for their audience. In return, the client receives more engagement for their website and more sales of their product or service. But how do you […]

26 Nov

Should Your Brand Be on Snapchat?

By Ian Marker, Account Associate   We’ve all heard of Snapchat, and with 300 million monthly users, many of us have an account. According to,the company is no newbie to the social media game, marking its seventh anniversary in 2018. Working with clients at Rasor Marketing Communicationsin Cincinnati, we’re often asked if Snapchat is […]

24 Aug
6 Jun

Increased Engagement with Instagram Stories for Business

By Ian Marker, Account Associate    If you’ve read my last blog, Instagram: What’s in Your Branding Toolbox?, you know an Instagram page is a great place for a business to express its brand using pictures to convey an identity. Strategic planning and focus is involved when trying to curate the perfect-looking page for your brand. But life isn’t perfect and, to […]

4 Apr

Good Photography Can Improve Your Marketing

By Ian Marker, Account Associate    We’ve all seen those social media accounts that have their act together. Beautiful images help tell the story of a brand. Today, we live in a world driven by pictures. We scour the internet at work seeing pictures from our last Google search, become annoyed with pop-up advertisements of the newest perfume from Macy’s and to […]

21 Mar

Instagram: What’s in Your Branding Toolbox?

Three brands on Instagram that you need to see  By Ian Marker, Account Associate    Working for an award-winning Cincinnati marketing and communications agency has allowed me to utilize multiple social media platforms to advance our clients’ businesses. From Facebook to Pinterest, we know that social media is useful, free and here to stay. But if you were to ask me my […]

7 Mar
6 Dec

3 Things They Didn’t Teach You in Marketing School

By Ian Marker, Account Associate   As someone who recently graduated from college with a degree in “strategic communications” (aka public relations for people who don’t speak academic institution) I thought I was equipped with everything I needed to be my own public relations and marketing CEO. What I found, after securing the all-important post-graduation […]