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20 Oct
24 Mar

Three Questions That Can Help You do More with Less on Social Media

By Stephanie Rasor, Marketing and Analytics Consultant The number of social media platforms has grown rapidly while the staff supporting the effort often remains the same. The social media snowball was gaining momentum before the pandemic. Today there’s an increased need for digital communication coupled with reduced staff. It may not be healthy, or even […]

26 Aug

What Are Marketers Measuring Right Now?

By Stephanie Rasor, Marketing and Analytics Consultant We’re a curious group at Rasor and are always trying to learn more about clients’ needs. In July, we partnered with NuVoodoo to see how marketing efforts had changed in the initial months of COVID entering the United States. If you missed the whitepaper you can find it […]

5 Mar
18 Apr
27 Feb

Wendy’s Twitter Account: A Case Study

Wendy’s: widely known for its fast food, but also known for their quick-witted Twitter page. If you haven’t followed the page, what are you doing with your Twitter account? The restaurant chain consistently serves sass on this platform, posting multiple times a day and frequently responding to mentions. People don’t just follow this account for […]

14 Nov

When Radical Candor Is Actually the Kindest Feedback

By Christa Skiles    In my free time – or at least the treasured little free time I insist upon each night before I fall asleep, when the dog has finally crashed from his evening walk and I’ve put the smartphone down for good – I love to read. Most often, my taste leans toward fiction, but I also love a good nonfiction […]

10 May

Short To-Do List Today? Here Are Some Tasks to Add

In the fast-paced and constantly moving marketing communications industry, there are some days where we have mile long to-do lists and 12 hour days and others when we’re done with our client work at lunch time. So when you’ve crossed off everything you had to do, here’s what you can add to your to-do list. […]

3 May

Three Tips to Help You Become a Better Writer

Writing is one of our main areas of expertise at this Cincinnati marketing and communications agency. Writing is a powerful form of communication, and it’s something that I believe everyone can, and should, feel confident doing. Whether you’re volunteering and need to send out an email to your team, you’re checking in with your child’s […]

29 Nov

Plants and happiness in the office

A purple orchid sits on my desk near the window. Its silent, natural beauty a sharp contrast to the practical, functional tools I have on my desk. Sometimes while I’m looking around in exasperation when the printer is acting up or my email won’t load fast enough, I’ll see the orchids and think, Well, at […]