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19 Things to Do in Cincinnati This Summer

By: Erika Turan   Our Cincinnati-based marketing and communications agency is proud to call the Queen City home. Some of us are natives, but many of us are transplants from other parts of the U.S. But, no matter how we got here, we love exploring Cincinnati, and it seems like the list of things to […]

15 May

3 Branding Lessons from Game of Thrones

By Erika Turan Even if you haven’t kept up with the show, it’s hard to miss Game of Thrones right now. HBO just debuted the series’ final season, and the juggernaut is not to be messed with. The series eight premiere brought in a record 17.4 million viewers. Not too shabby in a world of approximately one […]

31 Oct

In Defense of Thought: Sometimes You Just Need a Moment

By Erika Turan   How many meetings have you had this week? (I don’t know, Erika. It’s only Tuesday, and I’ve lost count.) How many hours a week do you spend in meetings? (How many hours are there in a week? That’s how many I spend in meetings.) Do you leave those meetings with a […]

17 Oct

Your agency wants to know your budget? Tell them.

You’re about to hire a public relations and marketing agency. Maybe you need a full-blown strategic campaign that encompasses everything from media relations to brand work to research to web content. Maybe your team is just stretched to the limits and you need a partner to take the ball and run on some smaller-but-pressing writing […]

18 Jul

How to Write a Great Case Study

By Erika Turan    Case studies are an integral part of a marketer’s arsenal, helping to convey compelling information about a brand, product or service. With the ability to transcend a number of industries, from hotels to healthcare to manufacturing, their applicability is endless. Our award-winning Cincinnati marketing agency creates them for an array of clients, […]

7 Feb

This Is Us Just Put Crock-Pot on the Defensive. Here’s How to Keep Your Own Brand from Being Blindsided.

By Erika Turan   Fans of NBC’s juggernaut This Is Us have catapulted the show’s ratings since it launched in 2016. In fact, upward of 10 million people tune in each week to watch the generational drama that follows the Pearson family through triumph and heartbreak. Chief among the show’s touchpoints is its time-travel storytelling. […]

1 Feb

You Need a Reason to Believe if You Want Your Marketing to Make an Impact

By Erika Turan   I’ve been a PR and marketing practitioner for more than 20 years now, the past seven years at this awesome, award-winning marketing and public relations agency in Cincinnati. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve done a lot. Some things have worked. Some things have failed miserably. Much like anything in life, there […]