Brandon Losacker, Senior Creative Executive

Brandon’s experience in digital marketing and creative multimedia spans over 15 years, crossing between agency and corporate roles. He’s worked with designers, strategists, planners and marketers of Fortune 500 clients from Amazon to Yamaha. He’s a bust-the-box thinker recognized for designing engaging and eye-catching collateral in support of fiscal goals and operational objectives.

He understands business and communication objectives — and translating those into unique, creative solutions — while managing project commitments. He believes that functional and beautiful design is as much about behavior and emotion as it is about utility and ease of use. With a breadth of educational experience including the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Miami University and Cincinnati State, Brandon is known for effectively identifying interrelationships between teams and processes while staying current with industry trends.



When did you know you wanted to work in communications?

When I was in grade schoolpossibly earlier. I’ve always enjoyed telling stories through art, music and video. I remember designing holiday cards for other kids in grade school in exchange for candy.


Which app would be the last one you’d delete from your phone? Why?

YouTube. I watch (listen to) more content on YouTube than any other “traditional” media for sure. Everything from “How-to” videos to the conspiracy of 440 vs 432 Hz in music to “Cat Jump Fails.” I believe that CONTENT IS KING!


Favorite Quote from a Movie-

“They’ve done studies, you know. Sixty percent of the time, it works every time.” Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy