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8 Aug

Twitter Triumph: Eight Tips to Craft the Perfect Tweet

Autumn Grace Peterson, Account Associate Category: Social Media Over the past few years, Twitter has become much less of a pre-teen hub for duck face pictures and sassy sub-tweeting and much more of a platform for business communication. As a business or a professional, you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. […]

11 Jul

6 Reasons Why You Should Make More Lists

Autumn Grace Peterson, Account Associate  I’m not sure what’s been increasing faster recently: the temperature or my workload. The only thing that has been keeping me sane this summer season is an abundance of lists.     I continuously update a large ongoing list with a variety of tasks ranging from replying to an email to larger projects. Admittedly, this mammoth record of responsibilities can […]

16 May

Fun Ways to Learn, Post-Graduation

Autumn Grace Peterson, Account Associate   Graduation season is upon us. One thing that terrified me a year ago, when I graduated, was the fear that I would cease to learn. Miami University, my alma mater, is a liberal arts school which gave me the opportunity to study a variety of subjects. I wondered, “if I am doing similar […]

14 Mar

What Can Marketers Learn from Trap Music?

By: Autumn Grace Peterson, Account Associate  Trap music serves to remind us of the value of being authentic; that not everything has to be hyper-produced and photoshopped to perfection. Curious? Read on!  Every young professional has their own way of preparing for the workday. Some people prefer yoga, maybe a peaceful cup of coffee, or even a […]

22 Feb
10 Jan