6 Jan


By Kaity Dunn, Account Executive

Part of the work that I do for this Cincinnati public relations and marketing firm requires that I work alone at my computer for most of the day. While I’m processing an idea for a writing project or keeping track of my task list, sometimes I say the things I’m thinking aloud. I’ll find myself saying quick things like:

“Ok, now where was I?”

“Oh, that makes sense.”

“Hmm, interesting.”

“Well what do ya know.”

Occasionally, a coworker whose desk is near mine will look at me questioningly, wondering if I’m trying to talk to her. So, I also frequently have to apologize and say that I was actually talking to myself.

Some studies say that talking to yourself helps boost your https://gorasor.com/duluth-mn-hookups/, and this Time article also says that talking to yourself helps you focus and stay on task. I hope that’s true, because I talk to myself rather frequently. What about you? Do you think out loud during your workday? Let me know in the comments and tell me I’m not alone!