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21 Oct

How a Style Guide Helped Catch a Killer

By Libby Esterle, Senior Account Executive As a communications and marketing professional, I know that each person has their own unique writing style that is reflected in their voice and tone. I, for instance, tend to be a bit more straightforward and matter of fact when I write, whereas some of my other agency colleagues […]

10 Sep
17 May

Stuck with a Blank Page? Here’s Where to Look for Inspiration

Oftentimes when our team creates blogs, we’re inspired by client work, industry news or random sources of information (like pizza or office dogs). But, every once in a while, writer’s block hits and it feels impossible to come up with anything uniquely new. So, we turn to some of our favorite sources of inspiration to […]

22 Mar

Tips for Effective Public Works Project Email Subject Lines

The email subject line is critical for your public works projects email campaigns. A well-crafted subject line can immediately grab the recipient, and engage them into opening the email. But a poorly directed subject line will result in the email hitting the trash folder. Below are tips for writing effective email subject lines. Keep it […]

8 Jun
21 Sep

Is Spell Check Ever Enough?

By Victoria Knepp, Account Associate Long story short, no. In the marketing communications industry, grammar, spelling and punctuation are everything. One minor mistake could ruin your agency’s or even worse, your client’s reputation. Even today, with your good ol’ pal spell check, there are some laughable errors out there. The problem now is that we […]

30 Jul

4 Ways to Boost Your Creativity Now

By Sabrina Fawley, Intern Everyone loses his or her creativity from time to time. Sitting in an office for eight hours can sometimes zap your creativity, no matter how chicly furnished – I mean our office is gorgeous! Since working at Rasor Marketing Communications in beautiful Montgomery, Ohio and settling myself into a new office/work […]

25 Feb

4 Business and Life Lessons I Learned From Spelling Bees

By Libby Esterle, Senior Account Executive As part of a Cincinnati-based marketing and communications agency, writing is at the heart of what we do. It serves as the basis for almost everything – from new business proposals to strategic marketing plan development to press releases to website copy. So, not surprisingly, spelling is also a […]

19 Jun
5 Feb

15 Words People Like… And a Few They Don’t (hint: one of the biggest offenders rhymes with “joist”)

By: Libby Esterle, Senior Account Executive As a member of a Cincinnati-based marketing and communications agency, words are a big part of my life. Given this, over the years, I’ve come to favor some words over others. Same goes for names. In fact, one of the reasons I became an Esterle is because I saw […]