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26 Jan

Everything You Need to Know About Marketing and PR, According to Ted Lasso (Plus: the Biscuit Recipe)

By Erika Turan, APR, Senior Account Executive

Have you jumped on board Apple TV’s hit, Ted Lasso? The heartfelt, quirky, funny series stars Jason Sudeikis as Ted, a small-time American football coach who takes a job coaching a professional soccer club in England, despite having zero experience coaching (or playing) soccer. His appointment as head coach for AFC Richmond is either the worst idea in history, or a genius move no one saw coming.

10 Sep
24 Jun

A Teddy Bear and a Boy. Southwest Airlines Does It Again.

By Erika Turan, APR Differentiating a brand in a crowded, heavily regulated industry like the airlines is a challenge indeed. You can be no-frills, like Allegiant or Frontier. You can be one of the heritage brands offering extra perks for a price, like Delta, American or United. Or you can be memorable, personable and customer-centric, […]

28 Sep

Interview Advice: Just Be You

By Victoria Knepp, Account Associate Stumbling over words, sweaty armpits and “um…um…um,” are some of the many terrors that so many associate with job interviews. Oftentimes people think of a job interview as a place to embellish themselves, put on their best suit, and speak as eloquently as possible. These are all great practices, but […]

3 Aug

Public Relations: It’s Not About Party Going and Spin Doctoring

By Victoria Knepp, Account Associate There are misconceptions in every industry and oftentimes those industries call on us as a marketing communications agency to debunk those. This time, we’re debunking our own. “So you’re in PR…” “…All you do is plan events, right?” Wrong. Event Planning is a reputable and talent-rich (and definitely much more […]

6 Jul

The 5 Qualities You Need for an Agency Career

By Victoria Knepp, Account Associate You always hear people who work in agencies say, “every day is different,” and I couldn’t agree more.  Working in a marketing communications agency is definitely a one-of-a-kind job, and every day is definitely different. Agency life is starkly different than any other business structure, and I like to think […]

16 Mar
6 Jan
23 Nov

Rasor Marketing Communications Attends PRSA Awards: Round Two

By Victoria Knepp, Account Associate  Last week, Rasor Marketing Communications attended The PRSA Blacksmith Awards, or what I’ve always called it, the Grammys of the PR world. It is a night to celebrate the best of the best in Greater Cincinnati’s public relations community, where exceptional campaigns receive recognition. Each recognition comes with a framed […]

11 Nov

How Vineyard Vines Got Schooled by a Kid…and Showed Great PR in the Process

By Erika Turan, APR, Senior Account Executive Familiar with the Vineyard Vines brand? The uber-preppy line of clothing is based in Connecticut, and has earned legions of fans with its bright colors and iconic happy whale logo. Tween girls are among the brand’s biggest followers, attracted to dresses, hoodies and outfits emblazoned with anchors and […]