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25 Jan

do guys like flirty texts

The beauty of social networking sites, whether you’re in Cincinnati or Sacramento, is that you control your message. With billions of users on Facebook and millions on Twitter, social media helps you meet people where they are, which is a huge benefit to your public involvement endeavors. Once you’ve set up your accounts on the […]

9 Apr

Huffington Post A Brand Divided or Brilliant Strategy

By Jimmy Caccamo, Account Associate On February 18, Huffington Post unleashed its new political satire show, “The HuffPost Show,” onto the world. While I’m sure the Huffington Post found only the best comics, writers and hosts to build this, I can only wonder whether their strategic move will hurt their overall brand. The Huffington Post […]

2 May

3 Reasons to Love Local News

Erika Turan Senior Account Executive Working at a Cincinnati marketing communications agency, we often find ourselves pitching stories to reporters- some are with local/regional publications, other are with national outlets and even sometimes, they are with international and/or online outlets. Reporters don’t always have it easy and the work is far from glamorous, but it […]