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18 Nov

5 Tips to Create a Buzz-Worthy Brand Campaign

By: Jimmy Caccamo, Intern Working at a Cincinnati marketing agency, I get to work with many different brands every day. I have come across a lot of great campaigns that have generated a tremendous amount of brand exposure. Those campaigns include Heineken’s  #dropped campaign, and Swiffer’s meet Lee and Morty Kaufman commercial. It begs the […]

22 Oct

5 Things to Ask a Prospective Marketing Agency

By Mimi Rasor, APR President Selecting a marketing firm for a long-term relationship can be tricky. It isn’t just about making sure they have strong project managers, writers and experience among their ranks. It’s really about entrusting a third party to understand your brand and communicate it as passionately as you would. If you’ve ever […]

14 Oct

5 Weird Combinations…But Some of Them Actually Work

By Libby Esterle, Senior Account Executive Every day when I drive to our Cincinnati marketing and communications agency office, I pass by what I (and another colleague who takes the same route) consider to be a strange investment on the part of one particular homeowner. It is a gate. A lovely, impressive and rather imposing […]

19 Oct