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5 Sep
15 Aug

6 Favorite Fortune Cookie Lessons …for Project Management

By Haley Taylor Project Manager I work with a brilliant group of writers and marketers at a small Cincinnati marketing agency. I am constantly searching for clever ways to communicate the work I do – the financials, metrics and project management side of the business. Upon examining the accumulated fortunes from packing two lunches five […]

26 Jun

Using Talking Points? Better Tell the Employees What to Do With Them

By Erika Turan, APR Senior Account Executive I went to the grocery store the other day. I shop at a mega grocery store chain, and I really dig the place. Prices are good, people are friendly, and selection is great. Recently, the chain announced a change in its coupon policy. I’m a haphazard couponer at […]

7 May

The Importance of Content Marketing

Kaity Dunn Account Associate In the March 15, 2013 Cincinnati Business Courier article titled “Digital marketing evens playing field for the little guys,” James Ritchie highlights how small and medium-sized companies benefit from content marketing and social media engagement. Content marketing has proven to be less expensive than traditional advertising approaches, and it’s also where […]

18 Apr

The new Cincinnati Enquirer format: the good, the bad and the ugly

By Mimi Rasor, APR President On March 11, the Cincinnati Enquirer became only the second major daily paper in the country to move to a new compact 10.5″ x 14.67″ size. Called the “Super Compact/Three Around” in industry lingo, the new size and corresponding content has been under design for more than a year. Enquirer […]

12 Feb

5 Words That Make Reporters (and PR Folks) Cringe

By Libby Esterle Senior Account Executive There is no escaping it. If you work in a public relations and marketing agency like I do, media relations is a big part of the job. Whether it is drafting and distributing releases, crafting thought leadership pieces or bylined columns, or pitching the next “big” story, reporters and […]

24 Jan
22 Jan

Mark Wahlberg’s new movie gets creative marketing twist with Twitter

By Erika Turan Senior Account Executive Who doesn’t love Mark Wahlberg? I mean, come on. The actor who morphed himself from Boston street hooligan to leader of the Funky Bunch to Calvin Klein underwear model to Hollywood star who rakes in millions in each film is a fairly loveable guy. Wahlberg’s new movie, “Broken City,” also […]