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3 Feb

Get Your Design On

By Abby Brown, Creative Associate One of the things I love about working at Rasor is that my fellow employees value design. Being our in-house designer, it’s wonderful to work with people who are open to and excited about how design can strengthen our ideas. Marketing and design are so interconnected, yet many people disregard […]

23 Dec

Going Viral

By Abby Brown, Creative Associate Oh, the viral video. So simple, so…well, unpredictable. This new form of media, mysterious to many, has become a primary method for brands to communicate to a large audience. Ad Age recently released a list of The 20 Most Viral Ads of 2015, and the article made me question, what […]

25 Nov

Are Christmas Ads Taking an Untraditional Turn?

By Abby Brown, Creative Associate You’ve barely digested all that Halloween candy when you start to see the signs. The decorations already line every retail store in America. The music starts infiltrating your favorite radio station. Your eggnog-loving friend is already getting jolly. Slowly you realize, despite the fact that it’s still early November, Christmas […]

27 Oct

Media, Ads and You: The Love Triangle You Can’t Escape

By Victoria Knepp, Account Associate  As a graduate with degrees in public relations and advertising, I like to think I am a master of knowing the difference between the two, but also knowing they are hopelessly intertwined. Any brand loves a good opportunity for publicity and positive association, but advertisers have an easy and lucrative […]

30 Jun

You’re Not Just a Consumer Anymore, You’re a Friend

By Victoria Knepp, Account Associate When scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed you’re probably liking, commenting, posting and interacting with your friends…unless you’re stalking, in which case I promise I won’t judge. But if you pay close attention, not to the person you’re Facebook stalking, but to the person with whom you’re interacting, chances are you’ve […]

23 Jun
26 Jun

The Myth of “Likes” and “Follows” and Other New Insights

By: Kasi Detmer, Account Associate As Cincinnati marketing professionals, we like to stay informed of new studies relating to our field. A new study by 140 Proof and digital think tank IPG Media is now offering new insight into the way that social media users interact with brands on these platforms. The main takeaway of […]

10 Dec
10 Dec

Hot Dogs in Your Pizza Crust, Anyone?

Hot Dogs in Your Pizza Crust, Anyone? My fascination with Pizza Hut runs long and deep. It started when I was a kid, and Friday night family outings were elevated to another level when we went to Pizza Hut, had a Supreme Pan Pizza, a pitcher of Diet Pepsi and permission to insert as many […]

3 Dec


By Erika Turan, APR, Senior Account Executive I went to the New Kids on the Block concert a few weeks ago, I confess, somewhat sheepishly. And you know what? It was a blast. Like ‘em or not, Joey, Donnie, Jordan, Jonathan and Danny can sing and dance pretty darn well. There were pyrotechnics, the stage […]