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30 Jun

older over 60s dating

By Brittnay Bell, Account Executive

Who would have thought that we were going to spend more than a year working exclusively from home?! Not me. I remember last February when COVID was just a whisper in the news and a thing of rumors and speculation. After months of an all-consuming pandemic, vaccination rates are on the rise, and the country is establishing a new normal. As a part of that new normal, some people are pining for their office and face-to-face interaction, and others are dreading the day they’ll have to ditch the sweatpants and waist-up Zoom attire.

23 Sep
12 Dec

The ABCs of TV

By Libby Esterle, Senior Account Executive As a member of a Cincinnati-based marketing and communications agency, I wrote a blog awhile back recounting some memorable ads throughout the ages. And much like TV ads that vary in tone from country to country, I realized a lot of the shows I stream on Netflix or Amazon […]

19 Jun

19 Things to Do in Cincinnati This Summer

By: Erika Turan   Our Cincinnati-based marketing and communications agency is proud to call the Queen City home. Some of us are natives, but many of us are transplants from other parts of the U.S. But, no matter how we got here, we love exploring Cincinnati, and it seems like the list of things to […]

23 Apr
16 Jan

How You Measure Up Against Your Competitor’s Facebook Pages

By Ian Marker, Account Associate    Working in an award-winning marketing agency in Cincinnati, you learn what it takes to measure up your clients’ competitors. It’s our job to make sure they have the best content that earns the most engagement for their audience. In return, the client receives more engagement for their website and more sales of their product or service. But how do you […]

14 Nov

When Radical Candor Is Actually the Kindest Feedback

By Christa Skiles    In my free time – or at least the treasured little free time I insist upon each night before I fall asleep, when the dog has finally crashed from his evening walk and I’ve put the smartphone down for good – I love to read. Most often, my taste leans toward fiction, but I also love a good nonfiction […]

20 Sep

Extra! Extra! How to Ensure Your Next News Conference Goes Off Without a Hitch

By Christa Skiles   You have an exciting announcement to make. So, of course, you want to maximize your chances of getting your news out quickly to as many people as possible. Is a news conference in your future?     It’s important to remember that reporters and editors are bombarded every day with far more messages than they could ever answer. While they’re always on the […]

24 Aug
8 Aug

Twitter Triumph: Eight Tips to Craft the Perfect Tweet

Autumn Grace Peterson, Account Associate Category: Social Media Over the past few years, Twitter has become much less of a pre-teen hub for duck face pictures and sassy sub-tweeting and much more of a platform for business communication. As a business or a professional, you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. […]