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22 Jan

Having Fun With Your 404 Message

By Brittnay Bell While you never want your visitors to stumble upon a broken link on your website, a 404 error message page can be an opportunity for you to use creativity and wit to further connect with your audience. Plenty of companies use clever 404 pages to show off their brand personality and incorporate […]

7 Mar
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16 Mar
19 Nov

So You Want Your Story in The New York Times: 4 Tips for Pitching Stories to Media

By Kasi Detmer, Account Associate You want to come across as the savvy public relations professional that you are but it can seem intimidating to think about pitching stories to major media outlets. As a Cincinnati public relations professional I spend a lot of my time doing media relations, a part of that being spent […]

25 Sep

Three Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Live Interview

By Kaity Dunn, Account Associate When I was just beginning to learn to play tennis, one of the many tips my coach constantly repeated to me was to always keep my feet moving, and to never “stand on my heels.” In other words, he wanted me to physically prepare myself for the next shot. This […]

10 Apr
5 Nov

Four Things to Consider When Timing Your Media Pitch

By: Kaity Dunn, Account Associate I recently had a meeting about ongoing public relations efforts for a Cincinnati client of ours with my colleague, Betty Hull. A large portion of our meeting involved discussing the best approach for timing media pitches near the large calendars she had drawn on the whiteboard that depicted the remaining […]

2 May

3 Reasons to Love Local News

Erika Turan Senior Account Executive Working at a Cincinnati marketing communications agency, we often find ourselves pitching stories to reporters- some are with local/regional publications, other are with national outlets and even sometimes, they are with international and/or online outlets. Reporters don’t always have it easy and the work is far from glamorous, but it […]