Mercy Health Marketing

The Client: Mercy Health, one of the largest hospital systems in the region  

Their Challenge: “The Jewish Hospital-Mercy Health is the first in Greater Cincinnati to unveil the Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™ and we need to get the word out about not only this life-extending new cancer treatment, but Mercy Health’s excellent cancer care.”

Our Solution: An in-depth strategy focused internally to increase awareness and raise consumer preference via an internal event, presentations, digital newsletters and subsequently externally through brand positioning and key messaging development, a media relations campaign and a coordinated lecture and open house.

The Results: More than 200 Mercy Health employees at our events and a nine percent increase in consumer preference of Mercy Health’s oncology services. Most importantly, Mercy Health successfully treated 125 patients within nine months of the Gamma Knife introduction.


Mercy Health Internal Communications 

The Client: Mercy Health, one of the largest hospital systems in the region

Their Challenge: “With our successful launch of The Heart Institute, we are in the process of negotiating a multi-year sponsorship with the American Heart Association. We want our employees to understand, live and own the new brand and partnership.”

Our Solution: Pilot marketing communications around the new “My Heart. My Life” platform; consumer research studies, results analysis, marketing strategy recommendations, internal rollout strategy and execution. Execution included monthly meetings and team collaboration, internal toolkit development, new brand promise and identity, plus a letter from the CEO about the new brand announcement.

The Results: Overwhelmingly positive feedback from employees about the new identity and communications tools, and increased consumer preference for The Heart Institute at Mercy Health through the AHA association.

We were pleased to be a part of the winning Mercy Health team for the 2012 AMA Marketer of the Year award in the nonprofit category and the Innovators Award from National Research Corporation.

Mercy Health Social Media 

The Client: Mercy Health, one of the largest hospital systems in the region

Their Challenge: “In every aspect of our communications, we want to put Mercy Health’s best foot forward, but we also need to grow our online community and boost our digital following to support that.”

Our Solution: An analysis of social insights to target the interests of Mercy Health’s online community toward gender and age demographics, content development and managing Mercy Health’s Facebook and Twitter.

The Results: An increase in online community engagement, increased positive public perception of Mercy Health, a larger overall digital footprint and a boost in their social following and network.

On Twitter we saw:

  • 400 percent increase in replies in monthly comparison to the previous year
  • 17,449 Twitter reply reach, almost a 500 percent increase from the previous year
  • 870 new Twitter followers
  • 174,038 Twitter footprint

On Facebook we saw:

  • 4 percent average engagement rate, 2.52 times higher than the national engagement rate
  • 575 Facebook users engaging in Mercy Health’s page
  • 1,303 new Facebook likes
  • 119 people talking about Mercy Health on Facebook
  • 408,213 total reach of friends of fans on Facebook