Flipdaddy’s Social Media 

The Client: Flipdaddy’s Burgers and Beers

Their Challenge: “Now that we’ve got a brand that reflects our personality, we need to build our presence on social media in a way that stands out from our competitors.”

Our Solution: An analysis of the social market for the restaurant and its competitors, key messages built around the tag line “Brilliant Burgers and Craft Beer Bar.” Clever postings to communicate Flipdaddy’s isn’t just your everyday patty in a bun, and the beer was not just outstanding, but carefully selected from craft brewers around the world to give beer aficionados a unique experience.

The Results: An increase in Facebook reach from 3,000 to more than 37,000 and an increase of Twitter followers an average of 4 percent each month and Facebook fans an average of 2.6 percent per month.


Flipdaddy’s Collateral 

The Client: Flipdaddy’s Burgers and Beers

Their Challenge: “Our business is growing, but we need a brand and logo that communicates our funky personality, wit and passion for good food and drinks.”

Our Solution: An audit to look at what Flipdaddy’s was saying and what that was communicating about their brand, a newly developed key message track, logo and tagline: “Brilliant Burgers and Craft Beer Bar” (makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?), new menus that captured Flipdaddy’s fun wit to engage patrons even further (anyone want to try The French Connection burger?) and presentation materials to launch the Flipdaddy’s brand into the world of franchise and attract new investors.