Eastern Corridor Program 

The Client: Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)

After a six-year hiatus, the Eastern Corridor Program, one of the Greater Cincinnati region’s most forward-thinking transportation improvement strategies, was back on the planning and development track. Their multi-modal Program aims to:

  • improve mobility
  • introduce regional rail transit
  • expand accommodations for travel by bus, bicycle and foot
  • improve the connections of the region’s eastern communities with each other and central Cincinnati through roadway enhancement

Their Challenge: “We need to reintroduce the Eastern Corridor Program to the general public, unify the brand identity of the core projects under the single Eastern Corridor umbrella and foster opportunities for public outreach and involvement.”

Our Solution: A comprehensive communication program including email and web-based outreach, community meetings, social media networking, media relations, newsletter production and distribution, opinion and perception surveys and regular meetings with officials from more than 20 communities.

The Results: Over 5,000 newsletters distributed, a stakeholder list of over 850 contacts developed and an increased 59 percent familiarity with the Eastern Corridor Program.